Yamuna Body Rolling

with Lori Potter

Change Your Body – Change Your Life

Anyone from beginner to fitness enthusiast can benefit from a workout on the Ball. 

Get on the Ball and get into shape with a workout that tones, lengthens and realigns your body.  Yamuna Body Rolling is based on Yoga principles of stretching, balance, breathing, mixed with deep tissue massage and meditation. 

Body Rolling is revolutionary in that it creates fitness while reducing pain and imbalances.  The pressure and tractioning of one’s body weight on the ball, releases muscle tension, creates space between the vertebrae and around the joints, while directly stimulating bone and lengthening and strengthening core muscles.  This translates into less soreness, increased range of motion, and a faster recovery from workouts. 

Benefits of Body Rolling

Create profound changes in your body with Body Rolling

  • Avoiding repetitive-motion injuries

  • Offset the stress of vigorous exercise

  • Muscle toning & re-alignment

  • Speed up healing time from injuries

  • Improved flexibility & range of motion

  • Prevention of new injuries through increased body awareness

  • Creates space between vertebrae and around joints

  • Increased energy

  • Deep stimulation and relaxation for the nervous system

  • Directly stimulates bone, improving bone density

  • Improves Posture

  • Improves circulation

Body Rolling Classes on Kauai

Please contact Lori Potter if you are interested in Yamuna Boy Rolling classes on Kauai.

About Lori Potter

Certified Body Logic Practitioner & Body Rolling Instructor

Lori has been a licensed massage therapist on Kauai since 1987.  She studied massage at Heartwood Healing Arts Institute and has done further study into including Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Polarity, Ortho-Bionomy, as well as yoga and nutrition.  She began studying Body Logic and Body Rolling with Yamuna Zake in 1992.  Lori teaches weekly Body Rolling Classes on Kauai and offers private instruction and Body Logic sessions.

 “My passion is to inspire people to learn how to take care of their own bodies.  By sharing my knowledge of self healing through Body Rolling, I am providing my clients with tools to enable them to achieve health, balance and freedom from pain. ”    – Lori Potter

Feel Better in Your Body – Get Started Today!

Body Rolling Classes

Yamuna’s signature Body Rolling technique teaches you how to effectively work every part of your body.  This self care tool allows you to problem solve and heal imbalances in your body so it works better for you at every age!  Join us for our weekly  group Body Rolling Class at Golden Lotus in Kapaa on Tuesdays from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.  Classes are for all levels and can benefit everyone.  Contact Lori Potter for more information on workshops and classes.

Private Sessions

Private Ball Rolling sessions with Lori Potter are available to learn the ball work, work on your alignment, open up your spine, lengthen your muscles, and work on problem areas and injuries.  Lori can give you a Body Rolling routine that you can incorporate into your at-home work outs.  Contact Lori for pricing and to schedule a private Yamuna Body Rolling session.  Feel good in your body again!

Body Logic Sessions

Body Logic is a hands-on therapy that traces muscles from their origins to their insertions, while applying gentle traction, directing them to elongate and expand to their fullest capacity.  Body Logic addresses the issue of “lack of space” from compression and restriction to relieve almost any structural condition.  Break-up old pain patterns and refresh your body from the inside out.  Contact Lori Potter today to schedule a Body Logic session.

Jump start your Body Rolling practice by visiting Yamuna’s You Tube channel where you will find a large selection of free Body Rolling demonstrations for your entire body including your face and feet.

About Yamuna Zake

The visionary creator of Body Logic and Body Rolling

Yamuna Zake is a master teacher who has dedicated her life to understanding how the body works and helping others to create positive change in their bodies through what she has learned.

She lives her vision that a fully aligned body with all of its capacity for free movement is the most beautiful body possible. 

Yamuna Zake developed the hands-on therapy called Body Logic.  Body Logic is a system that “educates” the body’s muscles by tracing them from their origins to their insertions, while applying gentle traction, directing them to elongate and expand to their fullest capacity.  The theory and principle of Body Logic is simple: where there is pain, discomfort or injury, there exists compression, restriction or a lack of space. 

Body Logic treats almost any structural condition: lower back and neck pain, sciatica, scoliosis, herniated disk, joint injuries, foot problems, post-operative rehabilitation and cranial problems.  Additionally, Body Logic can help relieve pain from arthritis, migraines, TMJ, fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel syndrome, osteoporosis and sports injuries.

Yamuna’s approach teaches life-long solutions for flexibility and movement, without exorbitant cost, that gives you the tools to work on yourself anytime, anywhere.

Body Rolling Articles

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Body Rolling Classes & Workshops

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Yamuna Body Rolling Success Stories


Lori brings her full presence, consciousness and impeccable skills to every session. She has amazing integrity in her Being and in the work. I brought a few injuries into Lori and in each case the injury disappeared after only a few sessions. Lori’s excellent training and constant encouragement to use the Yamuna Balls at home enhanced my progress dramatically. “


I woke up in the middle of the night and realized I wasn’t grinding my teeth! That was the first time in a couple of years – I have really been struggling with it and nothing else has worked. I have started to crack teeth and wear a night guard. It’s like the ball really did create space and just shifted my jaw slightly – I swear it was more like my bite was where it is supposed to be! “


In my experience, Yamuna ball rolling is the most profound and holistic modality available and discovering Lori’s classes has been a major blessing for me.  Lori’s extensive knowledge of the Yamuna ball rolling routines is second nature for her and she guides me through my entire body in different ways every class and I leave feeling more centered, healed and dropped into homeostasis.  Her class is so vital to my wellness it has become one of the important commitments I keep for myself.  I truly adore Lori’s sweet energy and the consideration she brings for everyone in her classes.  Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful healing and grounding environment! “


“Big mahalo for your teaching and guidance on the ball!  I wanted you to know I had an adjustment appointment today and I almost cancelled because I was feeling so good after last nights class, but decided to keep it. My chiropractor said it’s the most aligned my body has ever been. Yamuna Ball Work is amazing!  You brought me new awareness (and so much less pain!) to continue on my journey toward healing. Everyone should be catching on to this amazing self-healing practice! “


I love my ball!  It has saved me countless times when I have overdone it working out or massaging.  I just moved my daughter to Oahu and the ball saved my back from all the lifting and hauling.  I roll 3-4 times a week.  “


Lori suggested that I try a Body Logic session many years ago and it is my favorite body work to this day. I can feel the space she creates in my neck, joints and spine, which helps me stay pain-free despite all the sitting that I do in my line of work. Practicing Body Rolling at home has enabled me to create this same length and space in my body over the years. I am very grateful to Lori for teaching me this self care tool. “


As a person over 70, I had been dealing with chronic knee pain/flexibility issues after an injury.  Lori was able to show me exactly what to do to roll out my legs and presto, the pain and stiffness is gone.  I can’t say enough about the ball work that Lori is passionate about.  It works and is truly an amazing self care tool. “


Ball rolling is an important part of my rehab. My low back fusion needs regular stretching and massage. The Yamuna Zake system, as taught and demonstrated by Lori Potter, teaches me how to do both. It is as much a meditative massage as a core strengthener. “